We strive to be a good neighbour at our offices and in the cities we visit by building relationships with communities through activities and programs that benefit at-risk youth. This cause is a natural fit for a company founded by street performers. We speak to youth in a language that is built into our DNA: art.

Street performers

Using arts as an intervention tool

Over the last few decades, we have created two intervention programs for youth: Cirque du Monde and Arts Nomades. Both programs use art to contribute to the personal and social development of the participants by fostering self-esteem, confidence, social skills, citizen development and creativity.

Cirque du Monde is a Cirque du Soleil program that promotes circus arts as a means of intervention with at-risk youth, an approach known as social circus. Cirque du Monde focuses its actions on training for practitioners, support for social circus organizations and advocacy on the benefits of social circus. 

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Used in elementary schools in the St-Michel district of Montreal and in Las Vegas, the Arts Nomades program offers a pedagogical approach based on a partnership in a school setting. It features a team of teaching artists working in tandem with teachers who wish to use the arts in support of academic concepts. Together, they coordinate art workshops that provide a creative space in which to explore new areas of interest and acquire skills at an artistic, personal and social level.

Moreover, in each of the cities visited by our Big Top, we distribute 500 tickets to organizations working with at-risk youth as well as in the circus milieu, in order to allow access to our shows.

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Art Collection and Show Heritage

Art Collection and show heritage

Our collection of artworks brings together hundreds of pieces of contemporary art. It is characterized by a focus on young creators and a desire to reflect the different current practices. Renowned artists from Quebec and around the world complete the corpus. Most of the artworks are exhibited in our workspaces and are part of employees’ daily lives.

Our desire to offer the community a space where it can enjoy art  inspired us to create our Garden of Works of Art. Visitors can admire sculptures by renowned artists from Canada and elsewhere, through a landscape that includes a vegetable garden and a labyrinth.

The proposed course is available at

During summer months, guided tours are offered by TOHU. Visit

The Show Heritage collection includes costumes and accessories from 1984 to the present. The collection speaks to the importance of our history, our innovative role and our impact in the evolution of the performing arts. Our costumes are a tribute to the creativity of our designers and artisans. They contribute to the memory and sustainability of our shows.

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Street performer on a bicycle

What Happens in Vegas...

We are an engaged corporate citizen in the communities where we are based. We establish a dialogue by contributing to community growth, encouraging our employees to participate in action-based initiatives and supporting events that are meaningful to the local community. An example is the annual Run Away with Cirque du Soleil at the Springs Preserve 5K Run and 1-Mile Fun Walk. All proceeds from the event support the educational and environmental programs at the Springs Preserve and our own Arts Nomades program.

In addition, each year, we partner with the Nevada Ballet Theater for A Choreographers' Showcase, a unique project that demonstrates a natural link between the two companies. It allows our abundance of emerging talents to display their choreographic, technical and creative skills.

Cirque du Soleil supports the One Drop Foundation since its very first day. Each year, Las Vegas artists and artisans come together to create a unique show, One Night for One Drop, to raise community awareness about One Drop while raising funds for all their projects.

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Tohu and Cirque du Soleil headquarter

Montreal : City of Circus arts

Cirque du Soleil has aspired to be an agent of change since its inception, and the decision to establish its International Headquarters in the Saint Michel district of Montreal sprang from the desire to select a location where the company's presence could have a positive impact. The choice of Saint-Michel, in the north of Montreal, one of the most sensitive neighbourhoods in Canada, gave Cirque the opportunity to take actions that have a meaningful impact in the local community.

The late 1990s saw the rise of a great project in Montreal: assembling a critical mass of circus arts creation, training, production and performance infrastructure. So, in 1999, Cirque du Soleil took the initiative of involving its private and public partners in the creation of La TOHU. Founded in 2003 in association with the National Circus School and En Piste, the Circus Arts professionals National Network, the non profit organization (NPO) has a triple mission: to make Montreal a world capital of circus arts, to play an active part in the rehabilitation of the Saint Michel Environmental Complex, one of the biggest urban waste disposal sites in North America, and to contribute to the development of the Saint-Michel district in Montreal.

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