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‘Twas The Night Before

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<p>Isabella, our heroine, and her father share a special Christmas eve tradition: reading &ldquo;&lsquo;Twas the Night Before Christmas&rdquo; together. Suddenly the poem comes to life before our own very eyes!</p>
Prologue act from the show 'Twas the night before

Hearts Transformed

<p>Isabella takes in the sublime beauty of the Land of the Poem and is mesmerized by an aerial performance. Spinning and whirling mid-air, the couple shows us what a true partnership looks like.</p>
Straps act from the show 'Twas the night before

Quartet Acrobatic Table

<p>Like all children on Christmas Eve, anticipation keeps this group up. They go ahead and perform a high-energy, hilarious acrobatic act.</p>
Quartet act from the show 'Twas the night before


<p>At the height of the celebration, Santa opens his sack, a bright beam of light shoots out, kicking off a vibrant conceti-filled party. Christmas day is finally here!</p>
Finale act from the show 'Twas the night before

'Twas the night before… soundtrack

An exhilarating spin on beloved holiday classics as only Cirque du Soleil can imagine!

Practical Info


135 Mins

What is Alegría?

Alegría is a classic Cirque du Soleil show reimagined for a new generation.

How long is Alegria?

Alegria is 135 minutes long with a 20 min intermission.

Is Alegría appropriate for children?

Alegría is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. That being said, it does contain loud noises and some dark scenes.

Is Alegría accessible for those with disabilities?

Alegría contains flashing lights and may cause difficulties for people with photosensitive epilepsy. To see if the big top can accommodate those with disabilities, please reach out to our customer support team

Where can I see Alegría?

This show tours throughout the world. View the current tour schedule here, and see if Alegría is stopping in your city!

Will Alegría merchandise be available?

Yes, Alegría merchandise is available at Cirque du Soleil Online Boutique, or at the gift shop on site.

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